‘I only have to mention this word or my sons will burst out cheering’

In my family we all have one thing in common: we have a sweet tooth. While chocolate is my favorite, both my boys have a great love for cake. When I say the word, they throw their arms in the air and shout out loud.

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In fact, it’s so bad that Milo and Oliver play very often that it’s someone’s birthday. Then they bake a cake in their (toy) kitchen and spontaneously sing: “Hieperdepiep … hooray!” When I ask why they sing, they answer: “Milo / Ollie’s birthday!” “Again?” “Yes!” they nod, as if they believe it themselves. After they finish their toy pastries, they invariably ask for real cake. Because, well: “That’s part of a birthday, isn’t it, mama?” Obviously I don’t have it at home every day, otherwise we would be around the world.

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Looking back

Besides eating cake, Milo and Ollie enjoy nothing more than looking back at photos and videos from when they were babies. They find it fascinating to see themselves in a mini version. Milo proudly says that he is now “very big”, while Ollie points out all the photos in which he has a teat in his mouth, which he apparently remembers with melancholy.

Looking back, I am always amazed at how much the boys have grown and how fast time goes by. They will be three next month. Finally they will not be able to celebrate fantasy but their real birthday again. I already know what they are most looking forward to.

This editorial can be found in Kek Mama 02-2021.

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