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“I can’t wait for YouTube to die”: le Joueur du Grenier vs. censorship

Recently, YouTube has been hunting for swear words and this is far from doing the trick for videographers. Indeed, when a coarseness is detected on a video, this one is ” demonetized » : it no longer generates advertising revenue for its author. The problem is that this scavenger hunt is retroactive.

Recently, YouTuber Terracid saw two years work getting demonetized in this way.

YouTube always does that: it has a policy, and when the platform is able to enforce that policy, it cracks down. Profanity was forbidden, but she couldn’t check the videos one by one. Since her robot is able to do it, she does the housework.

YouTube wants to “TikTokize” its platform

Because it is not a new measure of YouTube, but a “progress” of its voice recognition tool. The robot does its little investigation on each video slowly, but surely and many videographers are waiting for the ax to fall on the fruit of their labor. On Twitch, Frédéric Molas aka the Attic Player – videographer specializing in retrogaming with two channels of 3.73 and 1.86 million subscribers – reacted to a question regarding this new witch hunt:

“For me, if it happens on the Player of the attic channel, it’s 13 years of demonetized videos. It is the very principle of the JdG to say swear words. Honestly, I can’t wait for YouTube to die. The platform has to die for another to arrive and take over.

We know what they want to do. They want to kill the videos on YouYube so that only the “Shorts” remain. Because beware, the insults thing and thing that needs to be censored, it doesn’t concern the Shorts. Weird, right?

They want TikTokiser 100% of the platform […] it’s more views, it takes up less space on their storage. As usual everyone goes to bed. As there is no alternative […] We’re going to beep. “Damn beep”, that’s it.

Even on TV you can say “shit”, that’s really ridiculous. That’s why, I just want it to die. And we’ll do something else. Its good. »

Two guys who “weigh”

At 40, the Joueur du Grenier is an authority figure on YouTube with his friend Sébastien Rassiat. The two men are at the head of a company which employs many people and carries out large-scale filming with extras, sets, drones. If they do not draw their resources solely from “YouTube money” by staging commercial communications in their videos, the demonetization of all of their productions would be a fatal blow to their formidable business. Other videographers in the square have already taken the lead by beeping “hot” passages or covering up swear words with animal cries.

If you are versed in retrogaming, we invite you to go to his channel and subscribe.

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