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Huawei’s Harmony OS still gets a unique user interface

Huawei will then provide its Harmony OS with its own user interface. The first images of the beta version showed an interface that looked like two drops of water on Android and the EMUI 11 shell.

Harmony OS 2.0

At its Huawei Developer Conference this year, Huawei announced that a series of phones can soon expect an update to Harmony OS 2.0. Developers were able to work with a first beta of Harmony for smartphones this year to optimize their software for the new system, but then, based on shared screenshots, it appeared that Harmony’s user interface seems very familiar to us.

Harmony looked like Huawei’s EMUI 11 shell for Android, and it was immediately expected that it was a conscious choice by Huawei to adopt the same interface. That way, the switch would be less significant for users. Now an employee of Huawei has confirmed during a demo to Chinese media (in Chinese) that Harmony will indeed get its own interface. The user interface shown to developers is a temporary substitute, and the current beta revolves only around the underlying system that is already accessible to developers.

The first screenshots from Harmony for phones were very similar to EMUI 11

one interface for devices

The special thing about Harmony OS is that the operating system can function on phones and tablets, smartwatches, PC, TVs and other smart devices. The interface will therefore be similar on all these devices. In addition, we know that there are also tools for developers with which they can quickly convert their programs for Windows and macOS to an application for Harmony OS.

Huawei also previously announced that users will have the choice to stay with Andorid or get started with Harmony OS. “For certain existing models, including the phones that work with Google Mobile Services, users can decide whether to upgrade to Harmony OS. We will continue to provide ongoing technical support and ensure a consistent user experience for users who choose not to upgrade. to Harmony OS “, said a spokesman for Huawei Netherlands.

For months, there has been no news of an update to Android 11 for Huawei phones. Harmony OS may therefore be the only way out for users when it comes to new updates of the operating system.

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