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Huawei wants to repair glass on phones similar to cars

Will we repair scratches and minor cracks on mobile phone screens at home? And by that we don’t mean replacing the whole panel, but the real one repair only damaged parts. The “new” way was recently patented by the Chinese Huawei. These quotes are important, because it is a principle that is well known especially to all drivers who have sometimes solved a small crack on the glass of their car on their own or with the assistance of a service. Huawei’s patent for repairing mobile phone glass counts on the same chemical “patch”.

Don’t know what that means? Smaller holes and cracks they can be repaired on car windows using a special chemical compound and a UV lamp. While the fabric helps to “soften” the glass, the UV lamp has the task of “baking” the space into a new uniform layer. Ideally the one for which there will be no traces of previous damage. The Chinese manufacturer wants to transfer this principle to the world of telephones. Huawei has registered a patent for the repair of mobile phone glass, which contains not only a description of the procedure itself, but also a special set.

In time, we may see new goods in the segment for DIY repairs. Various preparations already exist and you will find, for example, also interesting instructions with the use of toothpaste, but if such a large company started selling something similar, an interesting trend could arise.

How do you deal with scratches and cracks on your mobile phone now?

Source: hcentral

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