Huawei phones will have HarmonyOS instead of Android as of April 2021

The Chinese brand had been working on its new operating system for several weeks. HarmonyOS should thus make its arrival on Huawei phones from April this year. It would replace Android in product animation.

It is no longer a mystery to anyone that the cloth between Huawei and the United States is definitely burnt. Despite the attempts to call for dialogue issued by the president of the Chinese company, the government of Joe Biden does not seem ready to undo what has been done. Deprived of Android since May 2019, the company has embarked on the development of its own operating system. HarmonyOS should therefore make its arrival on the brand’s next phones.

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The Huawei P50 range could work fully on HarmonyOS

Huawei has been placed on the United States’ commercial blacklist since May 2019. This means that the brand can no longer collaborate with American companies. Worse yet, she can no longer work with companies supplying US technology. Since these sanctions, the company has embarked on the development of its own operating software called HarmonyOS. A version based on the Open Source version of Android in which Huawei has brought its own features, in order to offer a unique experience. The manufacturer also recalls that he drew on free software to offer a complete system.

During the presentation of his Mate X2, Richard Yu announced that the folding phone could work under the new in-house software in its version 2.0. In addition, the CEO of Huawei announced the deployment of HarmonyOS on several smartphones from April 2021. Until then, the operating system was only reserved for televisions while the European versions of Huawei smartphones had to be content with Huawei Mobiles Services. It is possible that the first arrival of the software will be on the Huawei P50.

Source: Huawei Central

Huawei phones will have HarmonyOS instead of Android from April 2021

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