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Huawei P20, P20 Pro and Mate 10 Pro Android Pie update available

Android Pie is available this week for three Huawei smartphones. Owners of the Huawei P20, P20 Pro and Mate 10 Pro can quickly get started with the update.


Huawei P20 Android Pie update available

The Android 9.0 (Pie) update is gradually being rolled out globally, and is already available in Germany. As far as we know, there are no Dutch users who have received the update. It may take several days to weeks before the latest version is available. You will automatically receive a notification on your Huawei P20 P20 Pro or Huawei Mate 10 Pro if Android Pie is ready for your smartphone.

Note: the update is about 4GB in size. Make sure you have enough storage space before you try to install it. Only download the update over a Wi-Fi connection, unless you have an unlimited data bundle. During the update your personal data will be retained, but there is no harm in making a backup in advance.

This is new in Android Pie

Android Pie introduces, among other things, improved, richer notifications. You can also replace the menu bar at the bottom with a new gesture control. Then you swipe up, for example, to go to your homescreen, instead of pressing a home button. Google also relies on artificial intelligence, among other things to improve the battery life. AI is also used in ‘Adaptive Brightness’, which automatically adjusts the brightness to your preferences in a smarter way

In addition, Huawei has added some new features. The interface has a modified, refreshed design, a password management app has been added and the Huawei Share app has been updated. Apps also start up faster and they run smoother.

Huawei is relatively fast with the rollout of the Android Pie updates. The Chinese manufacturer released the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro earlier this fall, both equipped with Pie. With major rival Samsung, all smartphones still run on Android Oreo, and the first update will not be available until early 2019. Sony, Nokia and OnePlus are faster: they have now updated several smartphones.

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