Huawei introduces a cover with a flexible display. Reportedly already in December

Dumpers or so-called Today, two companies – Samsung and Motorola – produce flexible display covers. According to the portal, he should join them soon GSMArena also add chinese Huawei. Its lid will be called Huawei Mate V.

The performance will take place before Christmas Day

He also bases his claim on the Huawei patent, which was revealed and translated into a graphic form by the Dutch portal LetsGoGigital. It was filed back in 2020 and shows a new type of flexible mechanism. It is interesting that there is also a flexible tube in it, which should dissipate heat from the smartphone at a higher load of the chipset.

Huawei Mate V | Source:

Specifications such as display size or chipset used are not yet known. It is not even certain whether the novelty will use the new HarmonyOS or Android system without Google applications. Portal GSMArena however, he revealed the alleged date of the Huawei Mate V show. This should happen on December 23, which is just before Christmas Day. Along with the lid, new smart TVs, laptops and the Smart Mini smart bracelet will also be introduced.

So far, only Samsung is celebrating success in the market

As already mentioned, so far only two brands operate in this market – Samsung and Motorola. Only the first is successful. Although Samsung had problems with the first generations of its folding smartphones, the latest cover of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G can already be called a successful model according to sales numbers. It offers not only the image, but also the parameters of the flagship models.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G | Source: Miroslav Schwamberg

Another case is Motorola with its latest Motorola razr 5G. The first generation in the market failed and the US even had to sell at a 50% discount. And the other with 5G support is not a success either. The main reason is that, despite the price of over 1000 euros, it has the parameters of a middle-class smartphone. Huawei thus has two examples from which to learn what a premium cover with a flexible display should and should not look like.

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