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How to use your old Android tablet as a digital photo frame

Do you still have an old Android tablet or hefty phablet in your house? Give the device a second life, and turn it into a digital photo frame.


Tablet as digital photo frame: this is how you

With a digital photo frame it is a lot easier to retrieve old memories. No dull frames with only a single photo, but continuously other shots in the picture. The big disadvantage: such a digital photo frame is soon quite expensive.

Fortunately, there is another solution, if, just like us, you have some old electronics lying around. With just a few minor adjustments, you can use an Android tablet (or a large-scale Android smartphone) as a digital photo frame. Handy if you ever bought a simple tablet that you no longer use, or if you have replaced the Nexus 7 with a newer model.

First prepare your old tablet for his new life. You do that by making the device as ‘stupid’ as possible. Remove all unnecessary apps. Are there non-removable apps active in the background? Try to deactivate it to prevent it from consuming electricity. The more apps you can disable, the more you limit the power consumption. Then you place all photos on your tablet via an online storage service such as Dropbox or Google Photos or with a USB cable.

Best slideshow apps

Next you need an app that can show the photos in slideshow form, just like a real digital photo frame. Such a feature is already built into most of the included gallery apps, such as Google Photos. You can also opt for Dayframe an app to which you link various photo sources. This way you can show not only the photos on your device, but also your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram photos. Enough of your own photos? Then choose other users for example Tumblr or Instagram to change the images.

Start a slideshow and your tablet photo frame is ready for use. All you have to do is find a nice place for the tablet in your home. If your tablet is on for several hours a day, it might be smart to keep a charger close. Even with the power consumption of other apps in the background minimized, your new photo frame will not just last several days.

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