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How to use Android 9 Pie now

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Properly read: If you really want to, you can now download and use Android 9 Pie with Samsung’s new One UI. The beta version of the new software has recently become available for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus – and today also for the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Note 9: Beta Program for Android 9.0 Pie

Update from 04.12.2018, 16:55 clock: Today Samsung has launched the beta phase for the Galaxy Note 9. Of course, we did not miss the chance to install the update on Android 9 directly. If you have a rating of 9, you will get straight into the recently updated Beta 2, where many bugs have been fixed. A total of 1.53 GB includes the update. The installation worked quickly and we have not encountered any problems yet. What is noticeable directly? The new interface “One UI” is completely different. Everything is bigger, easier to reach with your fingers and is much more intuitive to use. Below you can watch a video introducing the changes on the Galaxy S9 Plus.

And what else? The performance is not convincing. Sometimes it takes a while to load apps. It does not look as fluffy and clean as on Android 8. The camera app has changed again and you have to get used to something. The watch is now like the iPhone on the left side of the notification bar to find. That too is very funny. However, the many benefits and improvements of the new interface outweigh. Nevertheless, you should wait until the final version is ready for download.

Original article:

Samsung has released as announced on November 15, the beta program for Android 9 Pie including the new user interface One UI. Germany is also one of the test markets. However, the download is only possible if the owners of a Galaxy S9 (Plus) have installed the members app from Samsung and have also set up an account there.

As usual, updates are distributed in batches. So if you do not see Android 9 Pie with One UI on your smartphone, you have to wait a few hours. The launch of the beta program for the current version of Android has now also been confirmed in the support forum of Samsung. For the Galaxy Note 9, a beta program is also likely to be in range. Currently, it is not yet available.

As always, a special caution should apply to this beta test: If you install unfinished software, you may have to expect unexpected errors during operation. A simple switch to the last stable Android version is not provided by Samsung without a factory reset. Owners of a Galaxy S9 (Plus) should think twice about whether they want to take this step now. Alternatively you have to wait for the final version of Android 9 Pie. When this will appear, Samsung has not yet announced. It could be ready in January of the coming year. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus) with One UI

If you participate in the beta program, you will not only get Android 9 Pie, but also Samsung’s brand-new user interface, which the company officially unveiled at the developer conference SDC just a few days ago. One UI replaces the current “Samsung Experience” on current Group flagships.

A first look at Samsung’s new One UI:

  Picture: Samsung.

In addition to a new design, a lot has changed in terms of operation. The control of the smartphone should run more naturally and be done better with one hand. For this purpose, menus and pop-ups are no longer displayed in the middle or even in the upper part of the display, but in the lower part. According to Samsung, the new interface was developed in cooperation with Google and the Android team.

The Galaxy Note 9 will also receive the new interface. However, whether the previous year’s models Galaxy S8 (Plus) and Galaxy Note 8 will benefit from the One UI is currently still the subject of speculation. Samsung has not made that clear despite our inquiries.

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