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How to translate your favorite YouTube videos to foreign language?

We all have our favorite Youtubers of foreign language or nationality (whether from the United States, Canada, Italy or Russia). Although most speak fluent English, it is sometimes a shame that you cannot share or understand non-French and English-speaking videos.

On top of that, video creators don’t necessarily think about turning on automatic captioning, and even then the translation can sometimes spell some nasty surprises. So how do you do it? Here we show you a step-by-step method to benefit from captioning or transcription in the correct language. Follow the guide !

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1 # Download your video from YouTube

Yes, the first step sounds a bit strange, but it is necessary. To be able to translate the content of your YouTube video, you will first have to download it from the platform. For that, don’t panic, there is a plethora of free YouTube MP4 converters on the internet. For example Videovor is very efficient at getting the job done.

You just need to copy paste your video link for the solution to grab the video content and let you download it in the proper format. With this file in your pocket, you then have several ways to translate the words of the video into the language you want.

2 # Perform voice recognition of your video

Said like that, it sounds complicated, and in fact it is! The job of translators and subtitlers is to transcribe the audio of a video and adapt it to the audience concerned. So of course, if you have a lot of courage, you can try to fend for yourself. In this case, the way of the process is quite precise:

  • Start by getting in the position to both listen to your video and write what you hear. Headphones, keyboard shortcuts or a transcription pedal may be essential. We recommend that you focus on one audio clip at a time, and replay your work several times.
  • Write down line by line what you hear on a text editor. Or use software like Aegisub to have a working environment. To add subtitles in your video, you must respect universally recognized formats such as SRT or WebVTT.

But in case you don’t want to bother too much, here are other more automatic solutions to transcribing:

  • Upload your video to an automatic caption generator. These online software, thanks to their voice recognition technologies, take care of the transcription in the blink of an eye. They create a .srt subtitle file for you which you can add to your video and stream anywhere. We can talk here about
  • Hire a professional to do the video project for you. Obviously, the price is not the same, but it makes your work shorter. Again, you just have to look on the net, and you will have many interesting proposals and offers.

3 # translate your transcription or subtitle file

Now that you have the text of your YouTube video, all you have to do is translate it! If you know the language, it’s easier, but there are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Don’t try to translate a sentence literally. Instead, try to find different expressions that are more understandable to your audience.
  • Some languages, such as Japanese or Arabic, tend to be expressed in more words than other languages. Try to adapt the sentences by creating shorter and more efficient translations.
  • Take into account the differences between nationalities of the same language (for example, English us and en).
  • Think about the register and the context in order to understand the complicated scenes.
  • Faced with games of humor and cultural references, sometimes you have to be creative!
  • Be inspired by the subtitles of series or films which are often directed by experts.

Again, automatic generators often also have translation engines in many languages. You can rely on it to go faster. And if not, there you have it, now you can share any YouTube in multiple languages!

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