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How to test a smartwatch?

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I confess: Before I buy an article, I search in the worldwide net for information regarding the handling, condition and practicability of the selected object. I then buy many things locally to support the local dealers. Especially with technical things, however, I have the experience that stock goods is hardly available. Therefore, I buy such items mostly online.

Most of them have more or less official reviews, eg. B. by the Stiftung Warentest or consumer protection institutions. Of course, I look at these to get a first overview. Nevertheless, I’m a thousand times better with real testimonials. Because even if the confidence in such official agencies is of course greater – too much is heard today about fake reports -, the actual use of most articles is simply more meaningful than standardized tests. In addition, the devices of different manufacturers – and sometimes even from edition to edition – are very different from each other, so that a normal comparative test for me personally has no relevance.


What is most important to me about a technical device depends on the particular application and on my own preferences. And how well a function proves itself in everyday life actually only shows an everyday test. It is simply not enough to process any lists under laboratory conditions.

That’s why I think it’s important to find real user reviews for information about a gadget. And preferably those of people who have a little experience with test reports, because if I have someone who can handle a smartwatch with great, but I can not grasp exactly by bad expression in the report, where now the pros and cons Disadvantages, that does not help me in my decision.

When it came to my personal choice for the right smartwatch, three things were important to me: it should look as similar to a regular watch as I wanted an optical heart rate monitor (sometimes my heart just does what it wants) ) and a simple connection of the watch with my smartphone (an Android of the older generation). For in addition to the functions of the clock itself, of course, I wanted the opportunities that can offer me a related app.

If you google it just like that, you will actually find a lot of reports, but the selection is difficult. Fortunately, some sites offer an overview of exciting smartwatch tests. The advantage: Even before you read into the possibilities and functions of a particular clock, you can already look at the preview in the image preview and make the first preselection here.

The right structure is important

In the shop, the buyer intuitively starts to “understand” the objects in the truest sense of the word. Because after the appearance it is very important that the object of desire also feels really valuable. So before I want to know which button to press for Bluetooth activation, I’m interested in how the object feels in my hand. Depending on how much money someone wants to spend, the feel should also be appropriate. If you buy a Mercedes, you finally want the Mercedes feeling.

Only then will the functions become interesting. Is everything included, what do I need? How is this watch compared to others? Is the price for the delivery reasonable? With all these things, it’s important to compare exactly in advance. After all, in the end, I want to be sure that I have made the right choice.

And finally, the usability must be right. If I’ve read the manual (which is really rare) and still can not operate the clock – and who wants to have the feeling that the clock is smarter than you – then make all the great features no difference. Such a thing is for the garbage. The new companion should be a help to me and possibly support my health and not bring me closer to a heart attack with anger. In terms of feel and usability, videos can provide good decision support. Searching for it on YouTube, however, only makes sense if you have already shortlisted a certain product.

For which device I have chosen, I keep for myself. But I hope that I could make the purchase decision a little easier.


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