How to subscribe to WhatsApp channels

WhatsApp introduces a kind of news timeline with its latest feature. We’ll show you what that will look like and how you can subscribe to WhatsApp channels.

With this new feature, WhatsApp wants to offer its users “an easy, reliable and secure way” to “receive important updates from individuals and companies directly in WhatsApp”.

We’re talking about WhatsApp channels, for which the messenger even changed its app structure. We’ll show you how to subscribe to WhatsApp channels.

How to subscribe to WhatsApp channels

WhatsApp has revised its structure for the new function. Going forward, you will no longer find the Status tab in the Messenger app.

Because this has to give way for the new tab News. In the future, WhatsApp will combine both the status feature and the new WhatsApp channels here.

The look is strongly reminiscent of the sister platforms Facebook and Meta. Because the status slides to the top of the screen and says goodbye to its vertical display.

In the future, information from the WhatsApp channels, through which you can scroll through – like in a news timeline – will slip under the status.

You can subscribe to WhatsApp channels privately

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, only you know which channels you follow. Because if you follow a channel, your phone number remains hidden for administrators and other followers.

This also applies to operators of WhatsApp channels. Because your personal data such as phone number and profile photo are not visible to anyone.

What content are WhatsApp channels intended for?

Administrators can send texts, photos, videos, stickers or surveys in WhatsApp channels. Since WhatsApp comes from Meta, it is hardly surprising that there should also be an advertising option.

The messaging service feels that “channel updates don’t have to last forever.” Therefore, they remain on the WhatsApp servers for a maximum of 30 days. There should also be other ways for administrators to shorten the duration of the reports. Screenshots and redirects can also restrict them for their channels.

For subscribers, WhatsApp provides a searchable directory so they can find the channels that interest them. Channels can also be subscribed to via invitation links.

When will you be able to subscribe to WhatsApp channels?

WhatsApp initially launched its new feature in Colombia and Singapore. The messenger wants to test and improve the function in these countries “with leading global players and selected organizations”.

An exact start date for Germany has not yet been set. However, WhatsApp states that it intends to bring the channels to other countries in the “next months”.

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