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How to quickly send your New Year’s wishes to all your friends via WhatsApp

You can of course send all your friends, nephews, colleagues and aunts a New Year’s wish one by one via WhatsApp. But if you’re busy ringing in the new year, you can get that job done in one go. Androidworld explains how to do this.

Send your New Year’s wishes quickly via WhatsApp

You can convey your New Year’s wishes in the family group on WhatsApp and everyone in the group can read your message. It can also be much more personal by using a mailing list in WhatsApp. You add several contacts to such a mailing list. Then you send your New Year’s wishes to all the people you added to the list in one go. The recipients will then receive your message in a personal app and they can then respond to your wish.

Mailing lists are basically contact lists to which you can send so-called mass messages without having to select the same contacts every time. The lists you create are saved so that you can use them more often.

Create a mailing list in WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on ‘More options’ via the three dots at the top right
  • Tap ‘New mailing list’
  • Search or select the contacts you want to add
  • Then tap the green check mark

Now you have created a mailing list and you can start making New Years wishes. That can be a nice photo of yourself or your family, or a gif in the style of old & new. For inspiration you can use an app like Canva and send gifs in WhatsApp.

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