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How to Quickly remove unnecessary apps from Android

Did you know that the Google Play Store has a function to quickly free up storage space on your smartphone? Android Planet shows in this tip how it works.


Free up storage space via Play Store

Is the storage of your Android smartphone almost full and do you want to free up some space? Recently you can quickly create storage space via the Play Store by deleting unnecessary apps from your device. The useful thing about this is that the Play Store looks at which apps you use the least, and gives suggestions based on this. This allows you to immediately remove unnecessary applications, so you quickly have some storage space left. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Play Store on your smartphone and tap the burger menu at the top left
  2. Choose ‘My apps and games’ and then go to the ‘Installed’ tab;
  3. Next you see at the top how much storage you still have on your phone. If you tap on this, you will reach the ‘Free Space’ screen, where you can tick applications and then delete them.

The removal is done with the green button at the bottom and it is nice to see immediately how much MB you make free. In my case, apps like Google Duo and NPO Start are at the top of the list because they have not been used for weeks. When you scroll down, you see your favorite apps. These are for example WhatsApp, Inbox by Gmail and LastPass Authenticator.

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