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How to program your first Android application?

Would you like to start programming an Android application? You have, indeed, a lot of imagination and talent? You are quite right ! For this, we present you all the good reasons to start the creation of a mobile application and especially how to go about it.

Create a mobile application: what is it for?

You want to create a mobile app, but you do not know yet if it will pay you? Know that programming has many benefits. This can even be a real asset when it comes to a professional project. Indeed, you will enjoy:

  • a better visibility: you will offer your services to your Internet users on several supports;
  • an improvement of your website: you can change many aspects to meet the needs of users
  • of greater productivity: indeed, your services will be available every hour of the day and night, around the world.

Before you start programming your application, preparing your project is essential. As a result, you will need to establish your goals and desires. Indeed, once you have defined what you want, you can position yourself more easily. For this you can:

    • develop a panel of all your ideas;
    • choose the theme of your application;
    • target a buoyant market;
    • inquire whether your application will be useful to users
    • define the various features
    • visit sites to make a model, a diagram of your application.

Programming your mobile application Android: How does it work?

Programming your Android application seems simple. However, this requires some organization. Indeed, several steps must be taken into account and respected. Follow these steps step by step to make your project a success.

Step # 1:

Now that your project has taken shape in your mind you will finally be able to realize it. To do this, start by downloading Android Studio. You can start the download directly on the site. After installing it, you can open your new software.

Step # 2:

When the menu appears, press the insert: “Start a new Android Studio project”. Then you can click on “Next”. Then, a window will open and present you an input field. Now you can enter the name you have selected for your application. Then, save it on your computer in the folder of your choice.

A new window will then be added open in front of you. So you can choose the platform and the version of Android essential to your application. Remember to check the box “Phone and Tablet”. Then, press “Next”.

Step 4:

Once you have realized this, another window will open. display. You will then have to mention the style of application you are going to program. To do this, click on “Blank Activity”. Finally, the last window will open on your screen.


Step # 5:

You will then need to enter your activity name. The other input fields will fill up simultaneously. However, you can modify this information if you wish. Then, you only have to wait a few moments before the finalization of your application.

Step # 6:

Now you can launch the software again. Then select “Project”, this category is on the left. Thus, a new window will be displayed. Go to the root and then to the “res” section. Finally, select “layout” and then “name_of_your_application.xml”.

Step # 7:

If you want to change the text of your mobile application, you can choose “Text Fields”. Thus, you can delete the text already present by pressing “Delete”. Then you can replace it with the one you want by tapping “Large Text”. Finally, place it anywhere on the interface.

When you’re done, you’ll be able to connect your smartphone. Then open the application by pressing the “Play” symbol in the shape of a triangle. A new window will appear. Then choose your phone and start the process and then your application. You will then only have to savor your success.

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