How to have a touch of Material You on your mobile without Android 12?

One of the main hallmarks of the new Android 12 system is design style Material You, which currently has both fans and loud opponents. Of course, a multicolored, slightly transparent, rounded and partly uncontrollable look is not for everyone. Also, after a few weeks, we still don’t know if we like it at all. However, if you have a phone with an older system and you would like this style at least indirectly taste (apart from some Google applications that have partially changed into it, regardless of the system), you can reach for the new version of the tool Niagara Launcher.

Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean

Under standard circumstances, the minimalist “launcher” in the latest release brings both design elements typical of Material You, but also several features from the twelfth Android. So you can look forward to elements responsive to visual wallpapers, rounded corners of widgets or their live previews and / or stricter rules for authorizing location tracking.

All this for users who have a mobile phone or tablet at least Android 5. The news is currently ready in the beta version of Niagara Launcher, but they should go out into the world through the Play Store within a fortnight.

How do you (don’t) like Material You yet?

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