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How to Fix Galaxy S9 Notification Issues

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + are great smartphones with impressive hardware specifications, but they have some software issues that you might have come across. According to many users on forums and Samsung support pages; there are notifications and Wi-Fi issues on these flagship models. Galaxy S9 notification issues.

How to fix Galaxy S9 notification issues

Method 1: Start the Basics by Rebooting Your Smartphone

The majority of issues are solved by magic when you reboot your smartphone you turn off and turn on your Galaxy S9. The issue is related to the newest version of the Android OS and Samsung’s own skin software on top of it.

Method 2: Wipe Cache Partition While Keeping Your Data Safe

Factory reset should be the last resort because you want to loose most of your data. Before you try it out, do a wipe cache partition.

  • Click on the three dotted lines on the upper right-hand corner and Select “Show System Apps”
  • Scroll to find the Badge Provider
  • Do not restart,

Final Steps to Wipe Cache Partition

  • When your device is still switched off,
  • Your device will begin to turn on and display the Android logo
  • menu options
  • You can then use the volume key to scroll and find wipe cache partition menu

Method 3: Tweak Your Android Doze Settings

After extensively trying multiple methods, some users have solved this problem on their Galaxy S9 + and S9 phones. The Android Doze is a feature designed to help you stop the battery and put them to sleep whenever possible.

  • Tap to open unmonitored apps
  • Move if apps like messages, hangouts, gmail and other important ones are set to be used for sleeping
  • Move search apps to unmonitored apps so that Android Doze does not try to stop them from displaying notifications
  • Head to your phone’s settings, open a particular app and tap on unblock them

Method 4: Delete Apps that Do not Show Notifications Badges and Reinstall Them

The notifications badges are a total mess on android phones issue or a Samsung issue. With Android P Right around the corner, you can solve it, but you need a quick solution. App icons no longer show how many missed calls, messages or notifications.

Method 5: Bringing Back Notifications by Installing a New Launcher


Nova Launcher is one of the oldest and most popular launchers out there. Installing a third party launcher is one of the best ways to fix galaxy s9 notification issues tips that you could find. Samsung is ready to roll out a software update.

There are over a dozen Android launchers available on the Google Play Store. Most are free and the premium versions are not expensive either.

Method 6: Tweak Your WhatsApp Notification Settings

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + notification These are the most commonly used applications for communication.You can consider tweaking your notifications

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three dotted lines on the upper right hand corner
  • Tap on notification settings
  • Make sure use high pr iority notification is turned on

Method 7: The Inevitable Factory Reset Solution

After you’ve tried all the available options, the one thing that’s left is to reset your device. It will instantly delete all your local data, SMS and user logins in all your installed apps.

  • Open the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy S9 + smartphone
  • Tap on factory reset and then tap on erase all to complete the process

Once it is done, install only the most Essential apps as there is a chance that a rogue app could be affecting your settings.

Method 8: Download All Latest OTA Updates

Samsung releases OTA updates from time to time. Install them as soon as they are available, as the developers are already working on a possible fix for this problem. Galaxy S9 users are facing a couple of months now. Samsung Galaxy S9 notification issues and.

Samsung Galaxy S9 notification issues and one or the other option should give you the answer you are looking for. It may be ironed out by the manufacturer. However, since you need a quick solution, you can use alternative launchers, which are manually sorted out.

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