How To Enable And Disable Subtitles On CuriosityStream

Apart from being a media firm, Curiosity Stream is a streaming platform that delivers documentaries and docuseries. The library of Curiosity Stream is purely nonfiction. The platform is tied to John S. Hendricks, the person who founded the Discovery Channel. Some of the documentaries that are part of the library include Transhumanism. CuriosityStream also has the Emmy-Award winning documentary Favorite Places that features Stephen Hawking. Of interest in this article are subtitles. In this article, therefore, you are going to learn how to enable and disable subtitles on CuriosityStream.

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Subtitles on CuriosityStream

More than 75% of Curiosity Stream’s library has English guides called closed captions (CC). That which you are calling subtitles are actual closed captions. They are quite the same but there is a subtle difference. Subtitles are many times more translations that can be changed by a setting from a language to another. On the other hand, closed captions are items embedded in a video and transcribe speech in the language in which it is spoken.

In this article, therefore, you will know how to enable and disable closed captions on CuriosityStream. This is not very different from what you are looking for. If you’re looking this up, you must have subscribed to any of the four subscription packages that Curiosity Stream offers. That is how you can enjoy any of the documentaries or docuseries uploaded to the library. A free account gives you videos that are just a minute or two-minutes long – which are teasers / trailers.

On CuriosityStream, videos that have closed captions will have a label that says that subtitles are available. As mentioned earlier, most subtitles (or closed captions) are available in English. Curiosity Stream has made it possible for users to turn them on and off as they please. The following are steps you can take on the web to do so.

On the web

  1. On your modern browser, visit the CuriosityStream website.
  2. On the top right corner, click on the Sign in button at the top right corner. It is next to the Sign-up
  3. On the Sign In with CuriosityStream page, enter your login credentials. Then, click on the Sign in
  4. Once you are successfully logged in, you need to make your way to the video of interest. Scroll down through the categories to the video you want to watch. Once you get to it, click it.
  5. When it opens, check whether subtitles are available. You will get that information below the thumbs’ icons.
  6. If the subtitle is available, click on the CC icon that is next to the settings one. The icons are on the bottom-right corner of the video screen. When you click to enable the closed captions, the icon becomes white from gray.
  7. When you do step six, click on the middle of the screen to start playing the video. You should see the captions showing in the middle of the screen on the bottom side. They are not the same as subtitles and are what is available.
  8. To disable them, click the CC button again.

As CuriosityStream Expands

On other platforms such as the app, the steps are the same. The idea is clicking or tapping on the CC button. Very simple, right?

The platform needs to make the library more inclusive. Soon, Curiosity Stream should offer closed captions in many languages. English may be the most popular language but is not the only one in the world.

This inclusivity on matters language will open up the platform to more people. It is because language is an important factor and is an item of attraction.

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