How to Download iCloud Photos on Computer

Photos contain precious supports of our life. To avoid losing important photos, many people choose to save photos on iCloud. But iCloud storage space is limited, and we must always reserve available storage space to save new photos. So it is necessary to upload photos to the computer and delete them from iCloud to free iCloud storage. Refer to the following article to confirm the details of downloading iCloud photos to a computer.

Method 1. Extract iCloud photos to PC / Mac with iCloud

Step 1. Go to the official iCloud website (icloud.com)> Enter your username and password to access iCloud> Click on Photos.


Step 2. Choose the photos you want and click on the Download button


Note: In the iCloud page, you can only select photos one by one. If you want to select all the pictures in one click, refer to the following method.

Method 2. Download all iCloud photos on PC / Mac in one click

As an exclusive manager for your iOS devices, AnyTrans for iOS lets you manage iCloud data with ease. You can download all iCloud photos on a computer in one click, or you can download the photos selectively.

Step 1. Download and install AnyTrans for iOS on a computer> Launch AnyTrans for iOS.

Step 2. Click the iCloud Manager option, and then Photos> Enter your username and password to access iCloud> Click Photos.


Step 3. Choose the photos you want to download (by pressing Ctrl + A (PC) or Option + A (Mac) or by clicking on the button next to the Image to select all the photos)> Click Download.


After a few easy clicks, AnyTrans downloads all the photos to your computer quickly and easily. Apart from photos, AnyTrans can also help you download other iCloud data to the computer, such as contacts, notes, videos, calendars, and more. Download AnyTrans for iOS now to enjoy a simple download of iCloud data.

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