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How to customize the ringtone of an Android phone?

Each manufacturer has a list of generic music to select in case of a call and choosing your ringtone is probably the first thing you do when you have finished transferring your data to your new phone. To stand out a little, you have the opportunity to put your own ringtone. You will need for this a computer, a USB cable, an MP3 file (or another musical format) and 5 minutes of your time… You can also use this MP3 to wake up with your favorite music from the alarm settings, but we advise against it: you might hate the piece after two painful awakenings at 5:45 am…

1/ Connecting to the PC

Start by plugging your Android device into your computer. If it is a recent smartphone, you will have to scroll the notification area and adjust the USB Preferences on Files transfert. According to the brands, the wording is different, but it is enough to accept the connection. Your Android device will then be detected on your PC as an external hard drive or USB key.

Personal Ringtone

2/ “Guns” or nothing

Then go to the folder Ringtones and drop your MP3 in bulk. Be careful, choose a piece that starts right away, because if the intro is too long, you will inevitably pick up before the start of the rhythm part. We chose Sweet Child O’mine Guns N’ Roses because we are old and we assume.

Personal Ringtone

3/ My ringtones

Unplug your smartphone and go to Settings > Sound & Vibrate (or equivalent depending on the brand of your Android device). In Telephone ringtoneyou will find your piece in My ringtones. And now, your phone will spit out the incredible riffs of good old Slash with every call. The girls will swoon and the dirty youngsters will stop you in the street to ask you the title of this song. Go your way without even looking at them and wear a grin full of smugness. You are the king today.

Class these guys…

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