How to clean up your feed

Your Instagram feed will grow over the months and years. Not all contributions should always exist for eternity. That’s why we’re going to explain to you in “How to” today how you can delete multiple Instagram pictures from your feed – easily at once.

Especially at Christmas or on big birthdays, the family’s photo albums are often unpacked. Then we look at fun and cute memories from earlier times with our loved ones.

For the vast majority of younger generations, the path would probably no longer lead to the living room cupboard. Instead, we just pull out our smartphone and open our Instagram feed.

Delete multiple Instagram pictures: It’s easy

As it is, not every memory lasts forever, and that’s okay. For example, when a relationship comes to an end, we would like to delete several Instagram pictures. Many people believe that this process is very laborious.

In fact, you can delete multiple Instagram images from your feed at once with relative ease and without complications. In “How to” we explain how you can do this quickly and without much effort.

In the first step you open Instagram on your smartphone.

How to delete multiple Instagram pictures at once. Step 1.

Use the arrows under the heading to go back and forth.

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