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Goodbye paperwork! With automated bookkeeping, you record receipts at lightning speed, have a financial overview at all times – and more time for your business. Five simple steps to switch and get started.


Billomat is a web-based accounting program with which customers can do their accounting quickly, safely and effectively from anywhere.

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Anyone who has dared to take the step into self-employment naturally wants to focus on their business – implementing ideas, developing products, winning customers, finally getting started. Administration? At first it seems incidental. For economic success, however, it is essential to keep an eye on the financial key figures from the start. Often there is also a lack of knowledge in the area of ​​effective and proper tax law Accounting. Ultimately, this leads to tax cut potential being wasted and the overview of income and expenditure being lost. Correctly booked is half the battle.

A modern accounting software, which is always up to date as a web-based service, provides valuable help here. It enables entrepreneurs to carry out annoying bookkeeping quickly, automatically and informed at all times. The best time to get such software? Just now! Because the sooner there is a new software setting, the easier the administrative tasks become. With good accounting software, you can always keep an eye on all of your financial data – from writing offers to creating invoices and banking.

Automate accounting - the advantages

Automated bookkeeping gives you more time for your business and helps you save. (Image: Adobe Stock / BullRun)

How do you automate your bookkeeping in just a few steps?

A switch to a paperless office enables Savings of up to 40 percent. The experts at. Have the easiest way to switch from cumbersome paperwork, Word documents and Excel lists to contemporary accounting Billomat summarized in a few steps.

Step 1: The right strategy – where should the journey go?

Determine who is responsible for the accounting process in your company. Now you also clarify which areas of application are covered by the new software for automation and which goals are being pursued. In addition, it is important to get an overview of suitable service providers who offer automated accounting software.

Step 2: Prepare the infrastructure

After the requirements planning, the planning of the technical implementation follows. It makes sense to include the external service provider in the planning. This ensures that the automated accounting is perfectly tailored to your company. The Cooperation with a service provider like Billomat ensures that both the flexibility and the security of the system are taken into account.

This is how accounting works in 2021

The accounting software from Billomat makes administration easier, especially for small businesses. (Photo: AdobeStock / BullRun)

3rd step: Selection of the right accounting software

The software is at the heart of digital accounting and should therefore be carefully selected. Pay attention to seriousness and competence, because the accounting tool must always comply with the current legal requirements. Your accounting software should have at least the following features:

  • Program assistant for reading and automated booking of scans (incoming and outgoing invoices)
  • Compliance with legal requirements in the administration of receipts
  • Automatic calculations and checks of information
  • Efficient work: restriction to the necessary accounting types
  • Functions for small business owners, such as compliance with the sales ceiling
  • Correct ELSTER interface for VAT declarations
  • DATEV interface to the tax office
  • Intuitive usability and clear design
  • Reliable customer support
Billomat - the accounting software

The accounting solution from Billomat gives you a constant overview of your finances. (Graphic:

4th step: motivation and upskilling

The technical basis is in place, now you have to convince your employees of the advantages of digitization and familiarize them with the new, simpler processes. This can be achieved with tutorials or a reallocation of tasks. An accounting software with an intuitive user interface scores with a low-threshold and quick learnability.

Step 5: Complete the implementation of the accounting software

Customers are informed and convinced of the advantages of switching to digitized and automated accounting. You must agree to receive digital invoices by email. In the test phase of the new accounting software, initial problems are fixed and workflows are optimized.

Video: The startup Billomat simplifies bookkeeping with intelligent software solutions.

Digitize your accounting with Billomat

The innovative provider Billomat is an expert in invoicing programs and accounting solutions that are tailored to the needs of smaller companies and startups. With the web-based Accounting software from Billomat Cumbersome paperwork, crumpled receipts and accounting problems are a thing of the past.

The software solution is self-explanatory and can be operated intuitively. Comprehensive functionalities make financial management convenient: scan invoices automatically, compose offers on your smartphone and send them to customers in seconds. Benefit from a dunning system that saves you time and ensures that you have a complete overview of outstanding payments. You can do your banking with the Billomat app and call up the latest figures on sales development and customer performance on the dashboard. With the CRM integration, customer data and invoices are directly networked and you receive valuable information about contacts and payments. DATEVconnect guarantees smooth communication with your tax advisor and significantly simplifies tax returns and annual financial statements.

Test the benefits of Billomat for 30 days free of charge and see for yourself the extent to which automated accounting makes your life easier and gives you more time for your business.

Try Billomat now for free!

Bookkeeping by the way

Paper mess? With Billomat, accounting works by the way. (Photo: Adobe Stock / BullRun)

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