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How Long is Cyberpunk, Oscar Isaac in Metal Gear and Dragon Age 4 at the Game Awards »Vortex

Of course, a week marked by Cyberpunk cannot do without the news about Cyberpunk, but Monday’s summary brought much more surprising news. So you will enjoy a varied mix of news, because in a few days, everyone may be solving only an ambitious novelty from the CD Projekt RED studio.

List of topics

00:43 – What should and may appear at The Game Awards 2020. The sequel to Dragon Age is a certainty. Indications also suggest a new Silent Hill and Elden Ring

08:28 – Fairs and tournaments do not have to return even in 2021. Epic will only organize online events, Valve cancels major in CS: GO and there will be no CES or GDC

14:32 – Oscar Isaac from Star Wars will play the lead role in Metal Gear Solid. The upcoming film adaptation already knows the representative of Snake. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

18:23 – Further leaks are confirmed by two modes of Cyberpunk 2077. On the consoles it will be possible to choose between performance and quality. The first players add their impressions

26:01 – The Sumerians call on the Czech strategy of Nebuchadnezzar. Another historical building strategy attracts players to ancient Mesopotamia

29:48 – The Tropico series changes developers again. Realmforge will be responsible for the lightweight strategy. This is the fifth studio that Tropico is developing

33:32 – Become a train driver on the Tokyo line. The new Japanese simulator will show you the land of the rising sun from a slightly different perspective

38:40 – Developers from 369 Studio remember how they saved Rune II. After the collapse of Human Head and the start of an unpleasant case, someone had to come to put out the fire

44:54 – Guitar Hero made Aerosmith more money than any album. The music series has been here with us for 15 years. The Aerosmith special helped kick album sales

49:32 – New content to Call of Duty will arrive later. The brand has raised $ 3 billion in the last 12 months and Warzone has been tested by 85 million players

53:31 – Panic Button says the Doom Eternal port on the Switch has been the biggest challenge so far. For a change, the enthusiast ported the original Doom to Mega Drive without Sega’s 32X extension

56:23 – An adaptation of the Detention adventure headed for Netflix. Taiwanese Red Candle Games gave the green light and a series after the film. High school ghosts are waiting for you

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