how important do you think the cameras on your phone are?

Phones with one camera are a thing of the past. The phones with three, four or sometimes even five cameras have taken over the entire smartphone market. We are curious how important you think the cameras on a phone are.

Smartphone cameras

Editor Jeffrey recently wrote a guide to the importance of multiple cameras. Research shows that 66.1 percent of Realme phones contain four cameras. At Samsung, for example, this percentage is 20.4 percent. Are more cameras always better? In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, perhaps. This high-end phone has four camera lenses on the back that perform excellently according to our review:

  • an improved 108 megapixel main camera
  • a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera
  • two 10 megapixel zoom lenses

Nowadays you also see a lot of 2 MP cameras that may be very interesting from a marketing point of view, but offer few extras for the smartphone photographer. Then there are advanced periscope cameras and artistic monochrome sensors, there is actually a camera for everything in smartphones.

AW Poll about smartphone cameras

Do you buy a phone with cameras, or is it the other way around and do you buy cameras with a phone? We are curious which statement applies to you. Leave your vote in the poll and clarify your answer in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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