How does the Instagram Algorithm for Stories work?

Instagram’s algorithm often raises questions. But Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is trying to shed more light on the matter. We show you how the Instagram algorithm works for stories and selects content for you.

Instagram’s algorithm should be a mystery to many users. But in a blog post Instagram boss Adam Mosseri has now made a comprehensive statement.

In it, he describes, among other things, how the platform puts your feed together. But the Stories feature is also part of his contribution.

What is behind the Instagram algorithm?

In his blog post, Adam Mosseri points out that there is not just one algorithm behind Instagram. The platform is based much more on a mixture of various algorithms, classifications and processes.

Our goal is to provide people with meaningful, valuable experiences on our platform.

To achieve this goal, the Meta subsidiary uses a system called “technology-enabled personalization”. A separate algorithm is used in each area of ​​the app, including the stories.

How does the Instagram Algorithm for Stories work?

The algorithm is responsible for what content Instagram shows you. This is based on how you use the relevant areas of the app – i.e. stories, reels or your feed.

The content in the Stories section is made up of Stories shared by accounts that you follow. The platform also shows you advertisements here.

Instagram uses these markers to define your Stories section

Instagram’s algorithms are based on so-called “signals”. For the Stories algorithm, three such signals are paramount.

The focus here is initially on your viewing history. So Instagram analyzes how often you look at the stories from a certain account. These accounts are then prioritized for your ad.

But your interactions also play a crucial role here. So if you mark a story with a “Like” or send it via direct message, it will rise in the ranking of your algorithm.

The third signal that explains how Instagram’s Stories algorithm works is connectedness. For this purpose, Instagram takes into account the relationship between you and the respective account. To do this, the platform calculates how likely it is that this account comes from your circle of friends or family.

We also consider the likelihood that you’ll tap a story, reply to a story, or watch the next story.

With the help of these three signals and the probability calculation, according to Mosseri, Instagram makes “a series of predictions”. The platform therefore decides which stories “could be particularly relevant and valuable for you”.

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