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How do you put your phone in your pocket?

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, you cannot say that about every pocket. The next question immediately pops up: “How do you actually put your phone in your pocket?”

Help, my pocket is too small

How fashionable is our Androidworld reader? We do not know that. We do know that women generally have smaller pockets than men. Perhaps the fashion designer thinks that women do not walk around with large smartphones or use a bag for it. Personally, I would have preferred bigger pockets. Then there is the key question “How do you actually put your phone in your pocket?” With the ‘good side’ up, so the charging port down? Or upside down? The charging port is then facing upwards. Time for a new AW Poll!

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AW Poll

How do you actually store your phone in your pocket? That’s what we want to find out in our new AW Poll today. So let us know by voting in the poll below and leaving a comment in the comments.

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