How did you wash your e-bike during the winter?

Flowers, trees and plants start to grow again in the spring. The early spring sun is also showing itself more and more often. The exact moment when winter ends and spring begins varies over the years. Spring usually begins on March 20.

Taking your bike out of the shed in the spring for a nice trip on your electric bike is enjoyment. Before you get on your e-bike, it is good to wash the winter off your e-bike and do some checks. Read the most important tips for preparing your electric bicycle for spring in this article.

Clean your e-bike

Just like your house or shed that could use a spring cleaning, it is also advisable to give your e-bike a good cleaning. Flush your bicycle frame, spokes, rims and handlebars, among other things. Or clean your bike with the Trigger Spray, available at Then don’t forget to dry these parts with a cloth.

Do the tire check

Are you going on a long bike ride? Before you leave, check the pressure on your tires with a special bicycle pump. On this bicycle pump you can easily read the pressure on the pressure gauge. In winter it is advisable to inflate your tires to 3.5 bar. In the spring, the tires can be a bit harder again, namely 4.5 bar.

Lubricate chain and hinges

Did it freeze in the winter months? Then there is most likely also sprinkled on the roads. Did you know that road salt is harmful to the hinges and chains of your e-bike? Therefore, lubricate your chains and hinges with special grease during your spring check.

Charging your battery

Has your battery been stored for a while in your shed or in the living room at room temperature? Prevent deep discharge by regularly charging your battery and always charging the battery between 50 and 70%. Deep discharge can almost never be repaired, resulting in costs for a new battery. Charging is best done on the bike or separately on the battery charger at room temperature. Charge your battery properly before departure! Have you lost your charger?

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