How can I find vaccination locations on Google Maps?

The Google Maps mapping application participates in the “Stay informed” initiative. It is possible to locate on the software vaccination places in all the cities of France.

Vaccination campaigns are in full swing in all countries of the world. It is still complicated to find a vaccination center in the surrounding municipalities. After the United States, the French version of Google Maps can display vaccination locations. This also applies to Googles searches. The results will show the locations near you.

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Google Maps derives its official information from the Government

The information displayed on the site comes from official government data. All the data will then allow you to go to the requested location or to call to make an appointment. In a press release, Google will also integrate responses to requests around vaccination. Side effects, effectiveness or statistics. Everything will come from government sites like santé

How do I find a vaccination center on Maps?

  • Open the Google Maps app
  • Type on the search bar “covid vaccination”
  • Choose one of the results
  • Press the “Route” button for the application to suggest a route

The Maps app is integrated by default on Android phones. You can therefore find it by default on software. Don’t panic, MeilleurMobile also offers a link below to download it.

Maps downloadable from the Google Play Store

How can I find vaccination locations on Google Maps?

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