Housemate app makes student life easier

With the Housemate app you make student life easier. Think of making various things more manageable, such as household, groceries and joint expenses.

Housemate app

If you are in rooms, it is useful to have an overview in one place with joint chores, groceries and other necessary information. With the Housemate app it is all collected in one app. If you have registered yourself, you can choose an existing household or a new one. You give this a name and you enter the zip code. Then you can start setting up the app.

Setting up the app is simple. After registering and creating the household, some options for cleaning tasks are already displayed. Here you can already tick some things that you want to add to the cleaning list, but this can also be done later. After this, you can first have the QR code scanned by housemates so that they are already added. It is then possible to enter the expenses, to complete the cleaning list, to divide tasks and to make a checklist for, for example, the groceries.

When you add expenses to the Housemate app, you have the option to simply indicate an amount, but there is also an option that you take a photo of the receipt and add it. In the cleaning part it is nice that you can earn points per task. In this way you create a kind of competition. When you add tasks, you also immediately have the option to indicate whether it is a weekly task, so you have less to worry about.

With the checklists, if you have created these, you can also cross off things that have been done or, for example, achieved with shopping. An additional option is to use the agenda within the app, so that you know, for example, when your roommate is not there for dinner.

You can download the Housemate app from the Google Play Store via the button below.


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