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house numbers, pedestrian crossings and new Community feed

Google Maps has rolled out a server-side update that further increases the number of functions. For example, users now see the pedestrian crossings, but also the house numbers. Also new is the Community feed presented by Google.

Pedestrian crossings and house numbers in Google Maps

Without giving it much publicity itself, Google Maps has gotten some very useful improvements. First of all, house numbers are now shown when viewing the map in the map service. This is not only in the app, but from now on also in the web version of Google Maps. It makes finding a location a lot easier, especially in busier areas. Google Maps also distinguishes between additions such as 1B.

Another improvement that we find in Google Maps is the display of pedestrian crossings. Handy if you are unknown somewhere, and would like to cross safely. Incidentally, we do not see pedestrian crossings everywhere. For example in various English cities such as London, but not in Dutch cities or in Paris or Berlin. We suspect that Google will expand the number of places where you can find the pedestrian crossings at a later time to other places.

Google Maps pedestrian crossings

Community Feed

Another improvement that we will soon see in the app is the Community Feed. This rundown is populated with local events, area reviews, recently opened businesses, and more. This seems to expand the Explore tab with more information. Here you already found updates from companies and people you follow; along with information that may be of interest to you. You can like things from the Community feed.

Google Maps community feed

The feature has been announced by Google, but the full rollout may be delayed. We do not know when this will happen, but we know from the past that this can take a few days to weeks.

Maps: Navigation and Public Transport
Maps: Navigation and Public Transport

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