Hot speakers and headphones from Teufel at extra cool prices

The big winter sale starts at Teufel on various earplugs, headphones and speakers. Are you looking for a new noise maker at home or outside? Then look at the offers that we have listed for you.

Enjoy yourself at home during the winter days

We are at home more often and longer these months. During the day you are working in the office or sitting at your desk at home. When the weekend has arrived, there is not much to do outside the home due to the measures of the moment. Moreover, it is also much longer dark outside.

All the more reason to make it cozier and more fun at home. For example, put on your favorite streaming service, the radio, a good podcast or an immersive audiobook and listen alone with your headphones or together via the speaker.

The good news is that this can also be done at an affordable price during the Teufel winter sale. During these offers, discounts run up to 43% on various speakers, radios and headphones.

Teufel offers during the winter sale

The Teufel winter sale has started. To help you find your way, we have already listed the best offers for you.

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Radio 3Sixty from €349.99 for €249.99

Do you get a nostalgic feeling when you see the radios from the past? Those rectangular boxes and rotary knobs are celebrating a comeback with the Radio 3Sixty from Teufel. The same classic shape and design have been given a modern look and are equipped with (sound) technology of today.

The Radio 3Sixty transmits the sound in all directions due to the 360-degree construction of the speakers. The built-in sub also produces a pretty deep bass. Supported input consists of DAB+, FM, internet and music via Amazon Music, Spotify and USB directly from your smartphone. Also nice: because the Radio 3Sixty is compatible with Alexa, you can request songs to play from Amazon’s voice assistant.

Real Blue NC (2020) from €229.99 for €129.99

The Real Blue NC (2020) is Teufel’s wireless closed-back headphones with active noise cancellation. With the large and ventilated rear chambers, sound and bass remain pure at high volumes. The battery life is long-lasting with 55 hours without noise cancellation, and 42 hours with.

Moreover, you can call and FaceTime hands-free while you are on your bike or in the car. The operation also supports Siri so that your hands remain free. Of course you can also use the buttons on the ear cups.

Also the new version, the Real Blue NC (2021), is discounted during the winter sale. Until January 19, you can get this for €199.99 instead of €229.99. As an extra, it has a so-called transparency mode to better perceive external noise (from traffic, for example).

Boomstar (2020) from €349.99 for €209.99

The Boomstar (2020) by Teufel is a speaker for indoor and outdoor use. The speaker has a regular battery, but you can also put AA batteries in it. Together these are good for a playing time of 16 hours. The sound from this box is characterized in particular by its pure bass. Thanks to the Bluetooth option, you can play songs from Deezer, Spotify and YouTube wirelessly in CD quality.

Do you prefer to listen to the radio? With the extendable antenna, you can listen to countless DAB+ stations. The Boomster is also equipped with a built-in microphone, so you can even make calls with it. Thanks to the display on the speaker, you can follow the necessary information about the connected sound source, bass performance and stations. Finally, you can charge your phone by using the speaker box as a power bank.

Ultima 40 from €499.99 for €349.99

The Ultimate 40 is a pair of hi-fi speaker towers for the ground with a competitive price-quality ratio. The parts in this speaker are all tuned for as balanced and pure sound as possible. The woofers ensure that you don’t compromise on this quality at higher volumes.

With the Ultima 40, more thought has been given to both the inside and the outside. This can be seen in the design of the speakers. You can choose between a black and industrial design that goes well with dark rooms, or a white design for those who like it a bit lighter. And while we’re on the subject of the interior: these speakers completely fill rooms of up to 35 m² with their sound.

Supreme IN and Supreme ON

The Supreme IN are high-end earplugs with voice control and a particularly high wearing comfort. Thanks to the silicone fit, the earplugs remain firmly in place and at the same time they do not feel too present in your ear cup. And because of the wire between the caps, you also lose them during your sports adventures. Together with the battery, this provides 16 hours of listening pleasure.

Furthermore, these sports earplugs are resistant to moisture and splash water, thanks to the IPX4 protection class. And whether you’re in the car or running, you can call hands-free or play the next song via Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music. To keep you alert, the earphones also let through ambient sounds.

With the Supreme ON do you have bluetooth headphones that you wear on your ears (on-ear) as the name already gives away. Ambient noises are eliminated with passive noise suppression. And the sound quality of music via, for example, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music is always particularly good thanks to modern components and the support for Bluetooth 5.0.

Using the Teufel app, you can dive deeper into the settings to play with the equalizer and adjust the sound of both devices to your personal preferences.

Motiv GO from €249.99 for €189.99

The Motiv GO is a bluetooth speaker for indoor and outdoor use. The compact and splash-proof housing makes it easy to take it anywhere. The sound of this speaker is characterized by a wide stereo sound and a clean bass. And of course you can also listen wirelessly via Bluetooth to your favorite streaming apps such as Apple Music.

Do you want to go to the next song, but are you just as comfortable? With a voice command via Siri, you can operate the Motiv GO from a distance without moving a finger. Indoors you can listen all day long because the speaker is connected to the socket, outside you are also busy for a long time with 16 hours of battery life.

More winter sale at Teufel

This was just a selection of the offers that Teufel has ready for you. To see the whole overview, visit the Teufel page with the button below. There you will also find offers for home cinemas, sound bars and more.

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