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Hook: This new Android virus is taking over your phone

Hook is an evolution of Ermac with a remote control layer allowing it to more easily attack your banking and financial applications. Like Cerberus or Octo, it will indeed attempt to circumvent the security measures of these sensitive applications. How ? Hook can do it all. It will imitate a swipe, take screenshots, simulate a pressure, unlock the device (because it will have learned how you do it), intercept a double authentication SMS, dig into your files, recover the private keys of the wallets of cryptocurrencies, geolocate you, record your keystrokes, etc.

In short, it’s a beautiful piece of dirt.

Fortunately it is not on the Play Store, but you can get infected by downloading an APK from Google Chrome. When you are told that this browser is worthless…

A brigand’s license for $7,000

Want to get rich stealing your neighbor with Hook? It will cost you $7000 …Per month. We have nothing without nothing. Note however that we are facing the Roll’s Royce of Android malware since it does everything the others do, but more easily with full remote control. It is also the last creation of Doctor Moriarty of the “game”: DukeEugene. Note that the app mainly targets applications from American, Spanish, Australian, Polish, Canadian, Turkish, Italian, English, Portuguese and French banks.

Do not install anything on your device.

hook virus
The TOP 10 countries affected by Hook
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