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A medieval variation on a heist simulator called Hood: Outlaws & Legends was announced this summer, and this week we saw the introduction of the first of the playable characters. At the night of the Game Awards, the game finally showed what it will look like in action, and we also learned the release date.

Owen O’Brian, head of Sumo Newcastle development studio, shared more details. He stated that the game Hood is not one specific character, but rather an idea and a concept, a combination of personalities who have contributed to the creation of a legend over the years. Likewise, the world in which the game takes place is not a concrete and realistic depiction of England, but a fictional imaginary country into which the authors have implemented a wide range of their inspirations.

O’Brian says that in the oldest version, Hood was a cruel bandit who killed without mercy, and his altruistic character traits did not appear in the legend until later. The authors decided to implement a duel for Hood’s title into the game, in which Robin from Loxsley and Robin from Huntingdon take part. Both will try to successfully carry out a daring robbery and become the real Hood in the eyes of the people of the country.

Other well-known characters, also changed and renamed, will not remain in the background. Little John will be John Nailer, a strong man and a brawler with a brutal club, who can cut your group out of a seemingly hopeless mess and is the only one who can lift the lowered bars when you find yourself trapped. There will also be Brother Tuck, reworked as a former Inquisitor Tooke, who, in addition to rumble, also masters the mystical art that can heal wounds, but also detect enemies. Lady Marianne will not just be a poor girl in trouble, but a capable robber with a rapid-fire crossbow.

O’Brian again emphasizes that the game does not aim for historical fidelity, the development team focuses mainly on entertainment and does not want to limit the boundaries of reality. Therefore, it inserts elements from different times and cultures into the game.

In addition to the enemy group of players, you will also have to deal with the artificial intelligence of the guards under the leadership of the local Sheriff, a devoted supporter of the tyrannical establishment. Even the government you are rebelling against is not historically specific, it is more the personification of corruption and power as a concept under the vague name of the State.

It is clear from the attached video that you will use the silent procedure during robberies, but the action will be overflowing in the game. The fights are very similar to For Honor, each character should be played differently and each team will bring different benefits.

The game will be released on May 10 next year on a PC and the current and last generation of consoles, you will receive a three-day preliminary access to the pre-order.

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