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Foldable smartphones did not make a convincing impression when they were initially released. Not so surprising in the end, of course, that a fragile screen quickly breaks down when it is opened and closed a few dozen times a day. Still, smartphone manufacturers held their ground. And to be fair, the results don’t lie.

The 2nd generation Honor Flip phone

Earlier this year, Honor already had some success with the Honor Magic Vs. Good specs, nice image and a neat design. On the other hand, there were the usual disadvantages of a flip phone: it is heavier and although the Magic Vs should be good for twice as many folds as comparable Samsung models (400,000 fold cycles), sooner or later you will see a fold.

Samsung has so far little competition in the field of flip phones. Honor clearly intends to change that. Honor seems to invest heavily in this niche market. Hopefully a good old fashioned tech arms race will bring prices down a bit.

Warm up for the official announcement

Honor leaves it with a ‘teaser’ for now: Just an image on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. The official announcement won’t come until July 12. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t already plenty of speculation. “From progress to evolution” is written below the photo. Add similar statements from Honor CEO George Zhao to that and expectations are high.

GSMarena suspects that the Magic V2 will receive a major upgrade in terms of AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. The device must get 16GB of ram, 512GB of internal storage and a major upgrade in terms of chipset.

Whether such expectations will come true, we will not know until Wednesday the 12th. Or maybe a few more teasers will drop this week. Anyway, it all sounds very interesting. We keep an eye on developments, so if you are as intrigued as we are, keep an eye on our main page.

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