Hollandsnieuwe starts by offering attractively priced monthly subscriptions

Hollandsnieuwe, a subsidiary of Vodafone, comes with a series of new subscriptions. These are subscriptions that you can cancel monthly. Until now you could only choose from 1- or 2-year subscriptions.

Hollandsnieuwe with monthly subscriptions

With various telecom providers you can choose from 1- or 2-year subscriptions, and sometimes also monthly subscriptions. At Hollandsnieuwe you can now also choose to take out a subscription for a shorter period of time. Vodafone’s daughter now lets you take out a subscription for one month. An additional cost of 1.00 euros per month applies for this in comparison with the subscriptions that are taken out for one year.

The advantage of Hollandsnieuwe remains. In principle, everything goes from one bundle and one minute is equal to an SMS or MB. You can also take out a bundle for unlimited calling. Another advantage of Hollandsnieuwe is that you get a discount if you have a Ziggo subscription at home. In that case you will receive 1000 mb / min / SMS extra and a free Ziggo TV package. The prices are as followed;

  • 1000 mb / min / SMS: € 9.50
  • 2000 mb / min / SMS: € 10.50
  • 4000 mb / min / SMS: € 12.00
  • 6000 mb / min / SMS: € 14.50

You can now find the attractively priced Hollandsnieuwe subscriptions on the website of the provider. Temporarily you also pay no connection costs worth 20.00 euros.

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