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On Tuesday, we included Hitman 3 from the Danish studio IO Interactive in the first part of our list of the most anticipated games of 2021. After all, this is one of the first big titles of this year with a deadline of January 20. Even when I was preparing the medallion for the mentioned list, I immediately got the urge to play the novelty and curiosity aroused my support of virtual reality. So let’s take a closer look at the PlaySation VR headset version.

Agent 47 will not come up with any special isolated VR missions. You can enjoy the whole trilogy in virtual reality.

The authors say that Hitman has always wanted to immerse himself in a living world. But we have never been able to experience it like this before. It is much more personal, more contact and more real. At the same time, all the freedom of the sandbox levels remains, so that you can be creative, as befits and belongs to the series. Agent 47 will not come up with any special isolated VR missions. He was not even satisfied with the complete content of the third part. You can enjoy the whole trilogy in virtual reality.

This is a really massive portion of content. Hitman may not look like Half-Life: Alyx in VR, which is understandable on PlayStation, but it could be a great game for virtual reality. And the new gameplay trailer looks tempting, judge for yourself. The title is powered by the Glacier engine and it will definitely be interesting to see what performances it will deliver in virtual reality.

Thanks to the support of the entire trilogy, we will travel to VR in more than 20 locations around the world. According to the developers, this will change the way we play and perceive Hitman thanks to the new perspective. We will become our goals face to face, we will merge with the crowds and the interaction will be much more intense. According to them, the authors had to adjust the height of the agent and the enemy detection system so that everything would work properly in VR. It was also necessary to prevent unwanted interactions and fine-tune how new possibilities can affect the overall experience, because virtual reality leads to completely new attempts and experiments with the environment.

Characters in VR mode also react realistically when you touch them. The team added interactions that are not in the normal game or have only a slight effect. Similarly, they have paid much more attention to situations where you pretend to be someone else. The relevant actions are no longer played automatically, but you have to imitate the routine of different professions yourself. The development of Hitman VR is in charge of a relatively small team. It consists of about 10 to 12 people plus testers. The authors themselves are said to be the result of enthusiasm and thanks to that they were able to get more things into play than they originally thought.

If you buy the PlayStation 5 version, you will play Hitman in VR from PS4, because the headset does not yet support the new console from Sony for native games.

I am also very curious how the new regime will affect difficulties. In more action-packed situations, Agent 47 could resemble almost James Bond, which coincidentally is another project of the IO Interactive studio. After all, the authors revealed some time ago that they were also inspired by the VR mode Firewall: Zero Hour. Therefore, they already developed the third part of Hitman with regard to virtual reality. It is said that the study was helped a lot by the fact that what they had created before was mostly naturally used in virtual reality.

We remind you that even if you buy a version for the PlayStation 5, you will still play Hitman in VR from the PS4, because the headset does not yet support the new console from Sony for native games, but only for backward compatibility. Therefore, you get the PS4 version for free with the PS5 version. The PS4 version will be upgraded to PS5 for free, so there is no need to worry about the edition.

Will it be the culmination of a trilogy?

As we wrote before, the Hitman series will celebrate its 20th birthday this year, and this time Agent 47 will travel to Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin or Chongqing. The novelty will be linked in terms of content with the previous two parts, which will benefit from improved sequels. On the contrary, it will get rid of multiplayer support. The new part should be darker, more serious and more mature. The authors promise even more freedom, elections and replayability than before. It is supposed to be the culmination of the current trilogy, which can put an end to this series for some time.

Popular stealth events will arrive on the PC as well as new and old consoles, including the Switch. Agent 47 will return to the platform from Nintendo after a long 19 years. Virtual Reality is exclusive to the PlayStation VR at the moment, but it wouldn’t be a big surprise if the mode also appeared on the PC over time.

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