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Hitman 3 is fast approaching and we already know all the destinations where Agent and I will go this time. The developers from the Danish studio IO Interactive boasted all the locations that await us in the game. This confirmed previous speculations, which mentioned Romania and Argentina as the last two undiscovered maps. This time we will have a total of 6 countries on three continents, where Hitman will allegedly fulfill the most important contracts in his entire career.

Each of the locations should bring not only a unique environment, but also experiences and gameplay. The authors point out that the list itself does not contain any spoilers that you would have to worry about. At the same time, it will be possible to transfer maps from the previous two parts to the game and take advantage of new possibilities and technologies with which the current sequel will come.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The first mission will take us to Dubai for the opening ceremony of the world’s new tallest building. The developers promise breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to explore not only the interior of the skyscraper, but also its roof. Agent 47 can escape the place like James Bond. The ICs are probably already preparing for their next project.

Dartmoor, England

The next steps will lead to England. We will head to the Thornbridge estate in Dartmoor, where we can solve the murder in addition to eliminating the goal. Dartmoor is an area of ​​wetlands in the heart of Devon, and we can probably expect an atmosphere a bit like detective stories from Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie.

Berlin, Germany

Instead of the center of the German capital, we look at the suburbs. The authors are already saving information about the third mission, but we know that we will have several goals and that we will look at the Hölle club. It is to be located in a former nuclear power plant.

Chongqing, China

A dark night and neon-lit streets await us in China. Again, the developers don’t want to reveal too much, but Hitman’s Wiki attracts two goals. We will reportedly move through the streets, but we will also visit shops and residential houses.

Mendoza Argentina

The penultimate mission will take us to South America to a well-known wine region. Hills, vineyards, picturesque landscapes – something tells us that in the end it will not be such an idyll again. There are two goals waiting for us here, and that is all that can be found out at the moment.

Carpathians, Romania

In the epilogue, Agent 47 returns to Romania. Naturally, we have no idea what will happen here, but the speeding train has an important role to play.

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