Hilary Duff on third pregnancy: ‘I am now too busy to worry about it’

It was harder for Hilary when she was pregnant with daughter Banks (2) because she was worried about how her older brother Luca (8) would fare. “I’m more tired now because I have a toddler, but I have less time to focus on my pregnancy because I’m busy with my kids and work. It’s a nice distraction so I don’t google everything and don’t think too much about everything that comes with a pregnancy “, the actress tells People.

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More confident

Hilary also feels more confident because it hasn’t been that long since she had a baby. “It gives us certainty that we know what we need with a newborn baby in the house because we have just experienced that with Banks. Both children are also very happy that a new baby is coming and that gives a peace that I did not have before.”

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The actress does sometimes miss her ‘old body’. “One minute I miss my body and that I can put on really nice clothes, but the next I feel fine and I know that this will probably be the last time I am pregnant and I try to enjoy how beautiful this time can be. to be.”

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