Hey, Netflix: It’s finally coming to pot!

A specter is haunting Europe and it is not the communism propagated in the “Communist Manifesto”. Rather, the ban on account sharing threatened by Netflix scares customers. But when will it finally come to us? A call for more transparency – in the current issue of the weekend column.

Nobody will be able to hide anymore. Anyone who now shares their Netflix account with “good friends” will have to pay extra in the future. Elsewhere in the world this is already a reality. But not everywhere. In this country, Netflix has not yet said directly when an extra fee for account sharing becomes due.

Account sharing fee at Netflix: situation in Germany unclear

Most recently, it was said to investors that it could be so far in the summer. But here was explicitly spoken only by the USA, which Germany does not include. However, the rest of Europe could also fall under a “wide roll-out” as mentioned by Netflix.

In Spain and Portugal, the additional fee is already a reality and costs an extra 6 or 4 euros per month there. This was not well received by the Spaniards in the end. One million users turned their backs on Netflix there, although the majority of them were previously non-paying “bumpers”.

Netflix isn’t the only streaming provider:

Nevertheless: A warning signal not to be despised. Would Netflix perhaps reconsider? Who knows? The streaming provider is silent towards its customers in this country. When the fee comes, there should be a rude and sudden awakening for many users.

At this point I don’t want to discuss the pros and cons so much, rather it is the communicationwhich annoys me.

My thoughts for the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflect on the week’s “news flood” towards the end. A small selection of previous articles in the column:

Please to Netflix: finally come out with the language

No exact date, no details of the on-site procedure… Customers are allowed to gather the news and do not receive any clear information. Just why? Why can’t Netflix name the horse and rider in no uncertain terms?

What I want is clear information. When does the fee come, how much does it cost, and how does Netflix really deal with any borderline cases?

Instead, there’s what feels like a daily newsletter with information about great new series and films, but nothing about the hotly debated Netflix topic of the last few months.

Honestly: it’s finally coming to pot! As the saying goes: Better an end with horror than horror without end. If Netflix is ​​definitely planning the introduction anyway, then please have the courage and finally let the cat out of the bag.

The customers who ultimately don’t like it will leave you anyway. There is no real reason for this kind of “torture”. So leave it and finally come out with the language. Thanks!

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