Here you can download the wallpaper of the yellow iPhone 14

Yesterday, Apple presented (not entirely unexpectedly) a new color for the iPhone 14. It is yellow, and that naturally includes a suitable wallpaper. And you download it iPhoned.

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Yellow iPhone 14 wallpaper

At the iPhoned editors, we are not yet sure what to think of the new yellow iPhone 14. Is that hue very nice or is Apple missing the point? The fact is that it radiates spring, and that is precisely the intention of this surprising spring release (even though it is still freezing and snowing outside).

As befits a new color iPhone, that new model also gets a new wallpaper in a matching color. The main color is of course yellow, in addition there is also some green in it. As far as we are concerned, this wallpaper goes very well with the green iPhone 13 (Pro), the starlight iPhone 14 or the gold iPhone 14 Pro. But various iPad models also look good – provided you grab a good crop.

Download the wallpaper of the yellow iPhone 14

From iOS 16.4, the new wallpaper will probably be available by default on all iPhone 14 (Plus) models. You will find it in the collections when you set a new background image. Can’t wait that long or want to use the wallpaper on another Apple device? Then just download it below:

Download the wallpaper from this link

Buy yellow iPhone 14

Do you prefer the full ‘Yellow’ experience right away? The yellow iPhone 14 (Plus) can already be pre-ordered at the webshops below. Or just look in our price comparison. The yellow variant will also appear there soon.

iPhone 14 loose:

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