HellSign Splendid Horror Game

Užignign could be just another grotesque of gruesome ghosts, but the jokes were put aside. In the form of an action thriller with strong RPG elements, the atmosphere is dark as a castle in the Carpathians. In a city filled with spirits and monsters, you will investigate, search and shoot, but above all to fear everything inexplicable between heaven and earth. However, the virtual hunt for paranormal phenomena is far ahead, and the early version of the game only gives you a taste of the ambitions that the authors once combine in an elegant piece of work.

Much work ahead of me

If development is unpredictable, it is time to upgrade the Early Access program from Steam to Early Access to the full version by the end of 2019. There is still plenty of time left to complete the game and the work of Ballistic Interactive.


The idea has been sophisticated in the project and the basic mechanisms are “seated”, but everything else is worked out, and for this reason, for example, the game environment is compiled from notoriously repetitive locations, and the fun is destroyed by a tedious grind. It really takes a long time to find out your potential.

Mysterious action with investigative plot offers three types of adventure missions, a diverse experience system and a rich assortment of paranormal effects. However, the ultimate experience is hindered by a very challenging campaign, based on the experience and character of the character, which can not be obtained at a reasonable time and scale. For the whole hour, the hero creeps away and returns to an environment that is also very monotonously assembled from a single type of location in similarly haunted homes with identical architecture and interior fittings.

Introducing the campaign in its present form rather discourages it from motivating it to play. It’s hard to say what’s more frustrating at first. Whether you look at a deal full of weapons that you can not afford for a long time, or trampling in identical looking locations with a poor hope that you will not have to come back to them anymore. It is a delightful irony that a de facto randomly generated and truly entertaining investigative adventure takes place in sliding backdrops.

Indicative mosaic

Each visit to a haunted house surprisingly promises a new plot. If the hero does not just coat the mantle (or rather the monsters), the evil is on the trail by collecting clues that the creators hide everywhere else in the interior.

The trail to the poltergeist can be led through a lamp, a bloody Ottoman or a torn letter, but second, it may be quite different subjects, which in the seemingly dull game brings a moment of surprise and work with the paranormal signal reader to the horse’s tension.

In order for the hero to fight effectively against the demons, he must know who he has the honor of. Indicia does not carry specific information, but symbolism, which needs to be used as a puzzle piece for children. Underneath the carpet, the drawn image of the pig’s head and the mysterious statuette of the cabinet put together a rough idea that nevertheless concretises when faced with evil. Alternatively, artifacts found can be sold on the gray market. The hero is a mercenary, and he is not only fascinated by the mystery, but above all, he is alive.

The course and results of the missions are very dependent on the hero’s experience and the chosen profession. Each of them combines a shaggy tree of skills that gradually enable them to use ever more advanced weapons and technical aids. The base pistol, the paranormal detector, and the bloody footprint will soon be complemented by dozens of other serepetiques including traps, grenades, and bombs. Honor to the White Lady makes it even more interesting.

Poltergeist of the Bouquet

With superior equipment, the HellSign is a splendid game. The atmosphere is strong as a home-made bouquet, and the temptation of spirits gets a deeper sense thanks to the story of the hero itself. At the beginning of the campaign, he is awakening with a sinister tattoo on his back and contends with the unrealistic as an opportunity to cope with his fate and the past.

By artist’s point of view, Užign is an interesting cocktail of several games and themes. Shadowrun cyberpunk elements, Alan Wake darkness (without a flashlight or shot) and horror lyrics, make for example a hand-made Encyclopaedic Encyclopedia that looks like a cherished bouquet.

More important, however, is the information contained therein. That’s the collections of babies’ advice and storytelling about how to look for monstros and how to deal with them. In any case, you will have a lot of knowledge in your book with your own research, which makes it an increasingly useful guide throughout the game.

With monsters and bubbles, we usually play in games in a lightweight form, especially in Ghost Master style humor and treadmills. Najilign however conceives the theme of adult, raw and mystical, which is a pleasant refreshment in otherwise not very exposed genre.

All you have to do is stick to the creators of the thumbs to support the great atmosphere with a more varied level design and accelerate the growth of the character’s abilities. On the other hand, they could take on vulgarity. The language of a pub in the corner is not a mysterious atmosphere.

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