Hell Let Loose

Last October we saw the multiplayer shooter from the perspective of the first person from World War II in October 2017, when he picked over 200 thousand US dollars in his kickstart campaign. Hell Flight Loose on the battlefield launches hundreds of youngsters and surprisingly will not be the latest variation on the battle royale, but “historically accurate” two-sided racing

Hell Let Loose himself called a realistic shooter . There are a total of 100 players in the battles who have to work together to take key points and resources and force the counterpart to surrender. The Team17 publisher says: “Authenticity is key to us, players will be able to experience history with a realistic arsenal of arsenal and weaponry.”

Battlefield V with the same Hell Hell Loose offers an action much slower and paradoxically “less action”. Developers are often thrilled by the fact that exaggerated realism is not really fun, but the genre of military simulators has its own audience that does not overlap so much with mainstream shooters

Hell Let Loose on Steam promises launching a preliminary approach in January next year. Developers from Black Matter promise to publish a plan of future content that they will gradually add to the game

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