Heat pump for old building without underfloor heating – determine costs and consumption

Here you can find out how you can make your old building fit for a heat pump without underfloor heating and what costs ultimately arise.

It is often said that heat pumps are only worthwhile in new buildings. But that’s not entirely true. Because there is also a suitable heat pump for use in an old building without underfloor heating, although the costs involved vary greatly depending on the initial situation. You can get an overview of the options you have, how expensive the purchase is and what power consumption you have to reckon with here.

In old buildings in particular, there are special challenges to be overcome when using a heat pump. You can find out in the video whether a purchase is generally worthwhile.

Is a heat pump possible for an old building without underfloor heating?

Whether the function of a heat pump in an old building without underfloor heating can efficiently fulfill its purpose depends on several factors. Many common heat pump systems work with one low flow temperaturewhich is why the use of large panel heaters such as underfloor or wall heating is usually advantageous.

However, there are also special ones Low temperature radiator, which are also suitable for operation with low flow temperatures. Furthermore, a special high-temperature heat pump is particularly suitable for use in old buildings, which also works in combination with classic radiators and thus does not require expensive underfloor heating. As a result, these models have massive savings potential with regard to the renovation costs that are due.

If you want to additionally relieve your heat pump heating system, you can do this, for example, by insulation condition of the building optimized. Whether on windows, doors, walls or the ceiling – every additional insulation ensures that less heat is lost. This not only saves heating costs, but also ensures that the heat pump has to work less and can work efficiently even without expensive underfloor heating.

How much does a heat pump without underfloor heating cost?

The cost of a heat pump alone is independent of whether you buy it for a new building or an old building without underfloor heating, depending on the model, between 8,000 and 20,000 euros. The air heat pump is usually one of the more expensive representatives. For ground and water heat pumps, however, there are still expensive plans, tests and permits. Deep drilling is required for these variants, the feasibility of which depends heavily on local conditions, as do the resulting costs.

In total, for the entire purchase of a heat pump heating system including installation depending on the situation around 25,000 to 50,000 euros due. This does not include work on the insulation or the replacement of radiators. Whether these are necessary at all and if so, to what extent, depends very much on the individual building. For more information on this, professional advice from a specialist is recommended.

This is how the power consumption can be determined

The The efficiency of common heat pumps is usually between 300 and 500 percent. Consequently, heating systems of this type generate around three to five kWh of heating energy from one kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity. For comparison: The efficiency of gas or oil heating is usually around 80 to 90 percent.

This can ultimately be used to determine how high the power consumption of a heat pump in your building is. For example, if you have used 10,000 kWh of heating energy from oil or gas per year, this corresponds to an average of around 8,500 kWh of heat energy that has actually arrived in the living space.

If you now buy a heat pump heating system with an efficiency of 400 percent, you only need a quarter of this energy from the socket, i.e. 2,125 kWh. With an electricity price of 38 cents per kWh, this ultimately leads to annual heating costs of around 800 euros.

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