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headphones more difficult to repair than competitors

iFixit is known for expertly disassembling Apple devices, and the AirPods Max is no exception. In a new teardown, we see Apple’s headphones on the inside.

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AirPods Max teardown shows headphones on the inside

iFixit has dissected the AirPods Max and thus shows a unique look inside. The magnetic ear cups can also be removed by users themselves, but it gets tricky after that. Many parts of the headphones are attached with glue, which makes it difficult to repair them yourself if something is wrong.

The teardown also shows us how the device works. For example, the AirPods Max has two battery cells, but they are both in an ear cup. You can also see eight microphones that the AirPods Max uses for noise cancellation and two H1 chips to connect to your devices at lightning speed.

iFixit found soldered connections and wires with the batteries, but the connections you need to easily replace them are as yet nowhere to be seen. Partly because of this, iFixit draws the conclusion that the AirPods Max are more difficult to take apart than the design suggests at first glance. In fact, according to the website, most competing headphones are easier to take apart.

Now we do not recommend repairing the AirPods Max yourself anyway. In case of problems, it is best to simply hand in the pricey Apple headphones at the Apple Store. The only disadvantage is that making Apple’s products difficult to repair means that the AirPods Max will no longer be repairable in a number of years.

Once Apple declares a product ‘vintage’, it will no longer be repaired in Apple Stores. It is then up to people themselves to patch the device, which becomes difficult when glue and soldered parts are used.

AirPods Max: the first international reviews

The AirPods Max have been delivered to the first customers since this week and the first international reviews have also been received. This shows that Apple has made very expensive, but also very good quality headphones. With the ease of use of the AirPods but better noise cancellation and sound quality, this is a premium device, with which Apple is clearly targeting a specific target group.

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