‘He doesn’t know I think he’s a bad lover’

“I’ve known Sandor for two years now. Finally a normal guy. My daughter’s father was just as bad a man as the six exes before them. Tough men with a bald head, muscular bodies and tattoos. Incredibly good lovers, but also unkind and not very loyal. Sandor scores a ten on the scale of sweet. He looks good, but is not a womanizer at all. To Jackie, he’s more of a daddy than her own dad. He moved in with us within six months and proposed to me last month. I said yes with all my heart.

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One thing is not going well

We are very happy together, but one thing is not going well: the sex is boring. If my exes just looked at me, my knees were already soft. When we kissed, I wanted to take their clothes off. I don’t have that at all with Sandor. He is a sweetheart, I love to be around him, I love cuddling with him, but he can keep his clothes on.

Sandor thinks I have little desire for sex. He thinks once a week is fine, he doesn’t have to do it more often. He has no idea that I have sex almost every day, but with myself. On the evenings he works, I take my iPad and Tarzan upstairs and work myself to orgasm. Afterwards I fall asleep wonderfully.

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Fantastic warm-up

I really enjoy lesbian porn and often put it on secretly before having sex with Sandor. I would never want to have sex with a woman in real life, but it works great as a warm-up. During our free parties I continue to fantasize about what I just saw, it makes me let go easier and come faster.

Sandor doesn’t know that I watch porn, nor that I think he’s a bad lover. It would hurt him unnecessarily and make him insecure and he doesn’t deserve that. I also much rather have a sweet life partner than a horny bed partner. And in this way I don’t harm anyone with it. ”

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