HBO Max: When will he come to Slovakia?

HBO Max – it’s not just a name change for an existing HBO Go streaming service. It is also an extension and improvement of the content, sound and overall experience. However, the price is also likely to increase. How many? We don’t know yet.

HBO Max is coming to Slovakia

We wrote about HBO Max before last summer as a superior HBO Go service. At that time, it was published only in some foreign countries – e.g. in America. It costs up to $ 15, which, when converted into euros, would cost € 12.57. This means that we should also expect a price of 12-15 €. If this were the case with us, it would double the current HBO Go price. We do not know whether HBO Go will exist alongside the new service, but in the US HBO Go ceased to exist after the arrival of the new service.

In its Czech-Slovak Twitter account, HBO answered a question about the arrival of HBO Max in our region:

What’s the difference compared to HBO Go?

The service will contain exclusive content of your own creation, marked as Max Originals. However, it will not contain classic content that runs on HBO TV channels (it will contain content from HBO’s own production – Game of Thrones, Chernobyl and others).

HBO Max will also offer to download content for offline viewing. In addition, it will offer 4K resolution and support for HDR and Dolby Atmos.

According to Wikipedia, we can look forward to content from the most famous film studios:

There are already more than 10,000 hours of content and various popular movies and series. We mentioned them in last year’s article.

Competitive streaming platforms

In addition to the aforementioned HBO Max, the Globoplay platform, which you may not have heard of, is slowly coming to us. It will focus on soap operas, but will also bring some local content. Her arrival is not yet specified.

The Discovery + service from the well-known Discovery group also sounds interesting. However, it only started operating in the USA at the beginning of the year, but it attracts with its original content and low price – only $ 4.99 with ads or $ 6.99 without ads.

In the second half of this year, the Disney + service is also coming to us, which will appeal especially to younger viewers. The price should be € 6.99 per month.

Finally, if you have subscribed to Netflix, you will definitely be interested in the list of series for 2021.

If you are considering or would like to try a platform, be sure not to miss our summary of individual streaming services and their prices.

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