Hay Day comes with major Fall 2020 farm map update

Among a large group of players, the Hay Day farm game is still a frequently played game. Supercell, the developer of the game, has not been idle and is releasing a major autumn update that includes the farm map.

Hay Day with major fall update

When an update comes out for Hay Day, it often comes with a large number of new functions. That is no different now, because a major update is ready for the game in the Google Play Store. With the new version of Hay Day, players will get access to the new features available now.

The Farm Card is new. Every month there is a new farm card season where you can earn extra rewards along with useful benefits. In addition, you can earn card points to complete objectives. You can collect rewards with the chicks, which are also new to Hay Day. At the beginning of the season, the chicks run away and it’s up to you to bring them back. Every farm card season you can also earn new accessories for your farm animals. Also new is the presence of the gorillas and the monkey enclosure.

The update brings even more. These are highlighted in the video below.

Hay Day

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