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Have your avatar wear Prada


It is really possible: to give your avatar an outfit of, for example, Prada or Balenciaga. But why would you?

Your avatar is a fun way to show your online presence. That will only increase if the metaverse is there. Yes, we write a lot about it but the metaverse is not there yet. Still, Mark Zuckerberg already has a plan to sell users designer fashion for their metaverse avatars.

Prada on your avatar

Meta has announced that it is opening an Avatars Store where users can purchase outfits for their avatars on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. So, just like in real life, it’s a status symbol. The new outfits come from Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne. Meta expects more brands to follow soon.

Zuckerberg and Eva Chen, Meta’s VP of Fashion Partnerships, announced the new store on an Instagram Live that they described as the “first live avatar fashion show.” The “fashion show” part featured Chen holding up paper drawings of Zuckerberg’s avatar wearing metaverse-ready outfits all the time. “I guess the only question is if I’m cool enough to wear that,” Zuckerberg asked at one point after seeing a Balenciaga-clad Zuck atar. ” That question immediately came to our mind. Fortunately, there were also other outfits on display, such as a motorcycle suit.


Costs money

Such a cool outfit for your avatar is of course not free. Why people want to pay for this, that is the question. Chen pointed out that it will be much easier to get your hands on an oversized Balenciaga hoodie in the metaverse than in real life, for example. It will also be cheaper, with prices on the Avatars Store ranging from $2.99 ​​to $8.99 “to start,” the company said.

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