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The recent closure of Google’s in-house development of Stadia’s cloud streaming service has had a very bizarre prelude, as it turns out. According to Kotaku magazine, which cites anonymous sources, the company’s vice president Phil Harrison praised the employees for their great progress just a week before the announcement of the cancellation of their own studies. Although by then he seemed to have to know what awaited the developer.

He stated that the creation of AAA video games costs more and more time and money, as if it were a surprise that such games from the newly formed division can not come out in a year or two. Harrison later told employees that Microsoft’s decision to back away from developing his own games was helped by Microsoft announcing the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, although it is not obvious at first glance what the connection is. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic may also be partly to blame.

Typhoon Studios was acquired by Google in December 2019, shortly before the release of Journey to the Savage Planet.

The developer was very surprised by the announcement of the completion of further work, Kotaku says, adding that some of them first learned about it from the media. Harrison had a direct question, what had changed in the short time since the praise of the situation, apologized and admitted that the communication was not right. In any case, exclusive games for the Stadium are a thing of the past.

Instead, Google wants to focus on finding partners and offering the platform to other developers and publishers. The stadiums had two teams of their own in Los Angeles and Montreal, Canada. Typhoon Studios was acquired by Google in December 2019, shortly before the release of Journey to the Savage Planet. The studio was founded by Alex Hutchinson, who previously worked on Army of Two: The 40th Day, Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 4.

The closure of the studies will affect about 150 people

All ongoing projects are canceled without first being presented to the public by Google. The closing of the studies will affect about 150 people, even if the company tries to find other places in its branched structure. Development chief Jade Raymond is leaving Google, and unfortunately has another unfinished mission after his stakes in the Visceral Games and Motive studios.

In conclusion, I must emphasize once again that this whole mission was really special. Less than two years of development have had to cost a lot of money and in the end there is nothing. Google doesn’t seem to have a deep pocket and could hardly expect any results sooner. It seems as if the leadership is unfortunately as chaotic as Stadie’s external communication.

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