Hardcore shooters are now heavily discounted on Steam for a short time only

Shooter fans can take on a tough challenge in Hunt: Showdown, which stands out from many other FPS representatives. On Steam, the community favorite is now reduced in price by 60 percent for a limited time.

Huge discounts are a great way to make a comeback on the Steam bestseller charts. The popular hardcore shooter Hunt: Showdown can also are currently struggling to get into the top seller list at a greatly reduced price – the PvPvE FPS from publisher Crytek currently only costs 15.99 euros.

Hunt: Showdown is on sale now on Steam

In the hard-hitting shooter Hunt: Showdown you not only have to fight against computer-controlled monsters, but it record with other players at the same timewho want to dispute your success. As a hunter, you’ll be tracking dangerous creatures in the bayous of Louisiana that must be stopped. But once you’ve completed your mission and bagged the loot, you’ll need to prevent other hunters from snatching them right back from you.

Check out the trailer for Hunt: Showdown here:

Hunt: Showdown | launch trailer

Hunt: Showdown offers you tons of challenges and tight gameplay – and so far the Steam community has loved it. With more than With 118,000 votes cast, the shooter currently has a very positive rating on the platform. If you want to see the FPS for yourself, you can now do so at a greatly reduced price. Hunt: Showdown is now from 39.99 euros to 15.99 euros downgraded. The offer is valid until January 23, 2023.

Steam charts: shooters for every taste

If you are looking for other shooter highlights besides Hunt: Showdown, you will of course also find them on Steam. For example, you can celebrate the return of Ubisoft shooter The Division 2 with a discount of 70 percent. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is also at the top of the top sellers, but the price is not reduced at the moment. If you’d rather try a not-so-well-known genre representative instead, you can grab the stylish shooter Bright Memory: Infinitewhich is currently not only 25 percent cheaper, but also recently received an important update.

In our photo gallery we show you 7 insider tips for shooters on Steam:

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